Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wow I have a blog!
I just remembered I have this!
Well it sure has been a fair while since I have added an entry, well look at that! Not since the 12th of May eeekkkk.
Just think of all the adventures I have had and not written about, all those mad adventures and drunken Shanattigens missed and forgotten.

I have just returned from Albury – Wodonga , as I have just seen Alley and go to her 21st birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALLEY!

Now, Alley’s birthday. I ended up spending 6hrs of her B’day in a cell at the wodonga police station, the reason you might ask, for being drunk in a public area, to be honest I was slightly tipsy to say the least. I was going for a walk to find Jij ( so does this mean that anyone walking home from the Pub or walking at all can be arrested?). And how would they know I was drunk, they didn’t breathalyses me, or take a blood sample. So they put me in the Paddy wagon, and accuse me of assault, they go me mixed up with some other dick at the same party, who punched a guy in the head. After they do my paper work and throw me in a cell. They go back to the party to sort it out , where they are informed and figure it that that they have the wrong guy. AND they can’t release me as I have to ”do my time” of the false accusation. So I have to spend 6hr in a bright as all hell cell so they can video tape me the whole time, so I can’t possibly sleep to kill the time. I’m sleeping on this green mattress with all these suss white stains, but at least I had a blanket to keep my warm. They release my the next morning, and ask me “ are you happy with the way in which the police have treated you?” I am very happy with the way they can falsely accuse someone then put them in a cell when they clearly know they are wrong!! I walk back to Alleys flat to tell all of my adventures.

Happy 21st Alley!

After 2 weeks of “picking” strawberries. By picking I mean getting drunk, waking up at 5am with a hangover and seeing if I can stand and see 2 meters in front of myself, if I can, I get up and stand in lanes of strawberry plants looking rather dashing in my Safari hat. In blazing heat rays or freezing cold dews I pick strawberries, which are red, but not too red. Orange, but not too orange, whilst having not too many seeds, whist having the right texture, whilst being of the right size and packing them in a semi pyramid shape with the smaller at the bottom and larger at the top. Dealing with one armed Nazi bastards who find something wrong with every punnet that you pick and pack. Taking out his life troubles, like the over whelming fact that “his” side lost in the war. And the fact that you need two hands to eat a “Greg’s” Souvlaki.
Other more pressing problem about picking fruit is your co – works, yes the myths are true, yes there are hot Swedish and very funny and highly entertaining Irish backpackers there, but that’s like only 2 of the thousands of white trash, cousin fucking, government housing, flannel wearing, “whats a dentist?” Jo’s that make up the majority of working population.
Who proceed to stand in the field, bitching and whining about the very trivial problems which they encounter day to day, like their scares from where the ex girlfriend tried to cut of their penis, how many chicks they have knocked out and dumped, coz there’s a bun in the oven, the ever increasing price of PJ’s and VB,. And the age old question that has plagued mankind, are Holdern’s better then Fords? Yet I have to grant them this; they can form, derive and communicate meaning out a sentence consisting of only a few words “cunt” “fuck” and “ah Bra!”.

Or I could do the wise thing and stay in the comfort of bed, roll over and go back to sleep. After my first week (more like 4 days), I wised up and did the latter.

Sorry Allen for all the noise we create and all the sleep that you have missed out on.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This morning i woke up to find myself covered in flour, then i discover that most of my room was was also covered in flour. I was a victum of an "antiquing" I was caked in!
I found this pretty ammusing. What i found even more ammusing that when i went to have a shower to wash the flour off it turned to glue, making my hair stick together and filling my ear hole in completely! it took sooo long to get all of it out! Even after my shower i had big clumps of suspect looking white stuff in my hair.

tales of the previous night:I love it how I have to ask or be told by people what i did the night before. well i was ment to finish of my essay but i decided to get drunk instead, hey it was Jareds birthday, all the reason to get drunk! Well i had some goon, then Kattie (gf of Jared) brought out the blue Smirrnoff vodka, 50% alcohol! wow that was it! i was gone after that!
John and I had a water fight with sausepans and buckets, mind you this is at night time and its like 5 degrees out side. The kitches was filled with water our RA came out and yelled at us for being to noisey. funny!
Then I got on top of the fridge and jumped off tackling John in mid flight, then to the wine song by the cat empire (my fave) me and john danced a mixture of a Jewish and the cossak dance on the common room table. then i must have passed out in my roon leaving my open for a sneak antiquing attack! apparently they have video footage and photos of the assult. I am interested in see them.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

WOW today when i dropped Alley of in Hollbrook, Alley showed me a submarine in the middle of a park, I even got to ride on it! If only i was wearing an indian outside or maybe a hard had or leather I could have sang and done a little dance to "In the Navy" by the village people, what a wasted oppurtunity!

Friday, May 07, 2004

Weak I feel i sooo fucking bad!!!! Man I said I would take Matty Z with me today was his mother 60th birthday was the next day like ages ago, but it was brought to my attention that Phill is hitching since i couldn't wait like 10 hrs for him to complete an assesment. EEEKKK I feel soooo freaking bad! Well I am already in Wollongong, so best of luck Phill I hope it all goes well.
Well after my Photography assesment, Matty Z, Vish and I headed from Wagga to the Gong (wollongong). where they would travell to Syd from there. The travel time took 4.5 hrs which is pretty good!
But before we went on our meey way, I found thsi freaking cool tie in your campus carpark, which i claimed and wore the whole evening, sometime during the night I found that the tie had quite a nasty white stain on it....ehhhhh, but i still wore/had it. Its just a cool tie, its just a little "pre-loved" thats all.
Half way we stopped for a reviver survier at KFC where Vish bought my some of the Colonel's crispy strips. Where I had a really vivid de sha vu. Anyway everytime I eat or thing about eating fast food like the Colonels very own KFC, i am discussed, i feel sick to the pits of my stomach about how unhealthy it is, I envisage myself as a fat over weight and greasy bastard (this scares the sick out of me, its drives fear into my very soul), and how i should be eating something more healthy like a salad the going for a run about the block...anyway.
I arrived in wollongong to find all my great pals Ali, Dron, Matt, Dom, Jeri and of course THE STOV, who when i went to say hi to him, was asleep, so i woke him up, he looked at me for a moment then headbutted me right in the nose. Now thats a greating!!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

There are many moments and events in ones life that make existance a pleasure. One of these is RETRO! Theres just something about dressing up in a grey flared suit, a ruffled shirt, dancing to 70's 80's and 90's classics and shaking my booty with some great friends that i just love!
Its quite funny to see your friends reactions when you dance with a 6" blonde chick ( NOTHING HAPPEND, don't start gosiping about me)....quite funny really!
This retro night i was issued a mission by Matty. The Mission was to put in a good word in for him with a friend of a friend of mine, which he had meet when we where buying slabs in Mac's liquior for the GREAT SLAB OFF! Anyway I set out with my mission planned to the dot, the approach, the tactis and most importantly what to say.
Mission Report: Well the mission was suscessful, I did interact with the target and passed on the necessary information. Also i was given specfic instructions to be reported back to Headquarters with. The mission was successful!
Whats the Great Slab Off you ask? well basically you get a slab and you drink it. Matty Z was the victor! Also we watched Naked News on the comedy channel, it was soo strange, the girls we where watching it with where like commenting ( by commenting i mean bitching) like about the chicks on Naked News it was soooo funny! LOL like "commenting" about their figures, breats shapes/size, faces etc etc, I was like "SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO HEAR WHAT SHE IS SAYING!!!!"

Monday, May 03, 2004

Reading peoples blogs reminds me that I should post more in mine.
Well I am back at uni and loving it, i haven't unpacked yet just pulled all my clothes out of my traveling bag and dumped them on the floor. But one thing I have unpacked is my Mr.T fun cards re-arranged them and I am in the process of blu-tac'ing them onto my wall in some form of dissarray. I got back to find that Channtelle has cut and styled her hair in a new, shorter and tres Chic style. Well besides asking the same mundane questions to the people who i pretend to like just to make our college existance liviable, like " was your holidays?" or "oh how are you? your looking great! whats new with you?".
Its great to see all the fun, crazy and amazing people who are in my course who make it soo great and i'm lucky enough to be part the same group. HEY GUYS!

Friday, April 30, 2004

As I drove up, out and over the Hills which boarder Wollongong (the Gong), I felt a sense of saddness wash over me as I do always, having to leave that little peice of me behind, That little peice being all my friends and the good times that I have had there on so many occasions. The journey from Wollongong to Wagga took just over four and a half hours! leaving at 6pm after playing Lord of the Rings Risk since 11pm this morning, Dron won..again. The only way he wins is that he is the only one who is interesting or even cares after playing the game for 7 hrs thats his little tactic! Well all i can say is that it is effective! I got all the Halo cds from Dron that Halo 1-17 i think theres just sooo many! THATS A LOT OF NIN!